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Do you lack self-assurance when it comes to lifting weights? Do you require the knowledge and experience to become stronger while avoiding injury?

You should expect to see exceptional effects from your training in as little as a couple of weeks. Read our customer success stories to see how we have assisted a large number of people in gaining significant confidence, strength, and skill in the gym.

All sorts of weight training are covered by James Llewellin’s classes, workshops, and personal training services.

Niki Moss, the founder of James Llewellin, has been named one of the Top 10 Most Important Women in the Strength and Conditioning Industry, and she is included in the Top 100 Most Influential Personal Trainers in the United States. The featured personal trainer on the cover of Lift The Bar magazine in 2018 was a frequent expert contributor to Men’s Fitness and Women’s Fitness UK magazines, and she is a regular professional contributor to Men’s Fitness and Women’s Fitness UK magazines.

A segment on Niki’s groundbreaking Ladies Who Lift class aired on BBC Radio 4’s You & Yours customer care show in January 2017 and was published in the London Evening Standard (September 2016).  An Helpful Guide To All About Sarms