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James Llewellin

Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting and Strongman Training Club in London

With our aid, you won’t have to worry about being hurt while trying to build your strength. Join our gym today and benefit from our knowledgeable staff’s advice.

James Llewellin’s skilled strength-building programmes can help you get remarkable results from your workouts. See how our unique sports community of beginners and expert lifters alike has helped innumerable people enhance their self-confidence, reach their fitness and strength objectives, and boost their talents in the gym by reading our customer success stories.

James Llewellin offers classes, clinics, and personal instruction in a wide range of weight training methods for people of all skill levels. If you’re looking for a class that can help you achieve your personal development objectives, explore the rest of our website or get in touch with us. 

Training sessions we offer

Ladies Who Lift

"I'd want to build muscle, but I'm stumped. I'm terrified of the weight room since I'm a complete novice.

Olympic Lifting

"I enjoy weightlifting, but the Olympic lifts are above my capabilities. I haven't received the time or guidance necessary to master the method."

Building Strength

As one person put it, "I'm not sure where to begin learning how to correctly squat, deadlift, and bench press.

Strongman Training & Gym

Every week, we hold strongman training classes for people of various skill levels, ranging from complete beginners to intermediates and even competing strongmen or strongwomen. 

Atlas stones, logs, kegs, a yoke, farmers handles, tyres, sleds, axles, sledgehammers, and a variety of other strongman toys are available for purchase. Shop sarms and Peptides

Getting Started

Drop into a Strongman training session at our London gym and give it a shot if you’re interested in getting started in strongman, whether you’re a novice or an experienced strongman or woman.